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We try to understand your needs; B2becart’s intelligent web design process has a proven track record to deliver business grade websites, on time and on budget. We seek to understand your business; its objectives, ethos and brand. We learn what needs to be achieved, help identify the target market and consider how your website may need to be updated in the future as your company grows. We consider any current corporate brand identity, with any unique selling points and how these optimally translate into a digital design. During our initial consultation, use of animation, navigation systems, content management and database functions are identified and we discuss the advantages or disadvantages of using such technologies. Finally we deliver a written detailed solution encompassing all pages, functions, costs and expected timescales for the website design and development.


After consultation we transform our understanding to a creative visually engaging web design, capturing the brand and attention of your target market. We are so confident in our superior designs that, unlike other companies, we do not limit the number of designs that we develop for our clients. We design until you are satisfied. Our web designs are created from the ground up and we do not use stock template-based designs. Our experienced team of in-house designers take all points, thoughts and objectives learned during consultation and interpret them to a well structured, striking design that is certain to capture the attention of your target audience.


After successfully capturing these thoughts and ideas and translating them to a visual design, we bring it to life, realised in a live page on the internet with an interactive menu, live links and any required animation, all adding to the overall powerful identity. With our intelligent process and technical expertise, the remainder of the site is then completed. Our experienced, customer focused producers, head a project team that are highly accessible and able to respond to requests swiftly, being ready to answer any questions in plain English. As your website is developed we make it available for review on a private testing area of the internet. After passing rigorous quality control testing and final client approval, the website is launched publicly.


After launch, we can optimise the site to maximise relevant traffic, enabling business to be generated from your new investment within weeks. Gaining good placement rankings for targeted key-phrases in search engines like Google, Bing (MSN) and Yahoo! is vital in order to gain a return on your new investment. B2becart’s has much experience in search engine optimisation and can boast excellent results.

Continued Support

As your business evolves so should your website, therefore we always remain flexible and are happy to work closely with our clients, being a part of their team. As well as website development we offer a host of print and online promotional services; logo design and corporate ID, brochure, postcard, folder and flyer design, banner creation, e-newsletters, animated presentations, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, and online videos.

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