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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google, Yahoo, Bing Whether you run a small or large business there is no more cost effective way to market your company than through the methods of search engine optimization or SEO. SEO was made possible due to the internet explosion and now every business has the ability to have a highly effective SEO campaign with little amounts of money compared to other forms of marketing with materials.

SEO works to design a website that allows search engines to easily find and index the pages. The goal of SEO marketing is to have your page rank as high up on search engine results listings as possible. SEO services will often including choosing keywords that are used in text paragraphs and the placement of these words on the page through both visible and hidden Meta tags. Consider a few of the ways that SEO can work for your business

For one SEO will help your potential customers to find your products and services online both faster and with less effort. If you customers are motivated and interested to come to your website then this can increase your sales whether you are a large or small business.

By increasing the likelihood of a potential customer finding your site online this means they are also less likely to find the site of your competitors. If your products are fast and easy to find then you are also more likely to keep your existing customers and increase online market shares.

Search engines such as Google do not publish the exact means to achieve high natural (organic) rankings. We have learnt through many years of experience and experimentation. We are constantly revising our formula to allow continued deployment of these secret techniques for our website and our also our clients' sites.

Not only does SEO marketing make your site easier to find, but it also improves your ranking within search engines. This can increase your traffic and therefore your chance of making a sale. By choosing to expand your market to the online arena then you can expose your services and products to motivated and interested customers who are more likely to make purchases.

Customers who find a web site through a search engine are five times more likely to buy products or services as one study showed. This is more than online advertising. Therefore, the higher you rank in search engine results means the more increase you will have in sales opportunities. Search engine results will also get the highest conversion rates which help you to turn visitors to your site into returning clients.

Finally using SEO marketing will help you to save your company both time and money by promoting your services and products through free search engine services. A web site that is optimized and submitted will continue to be crawled and indexed by search engines and only minimal effort is required to maintain a web site SEO capabilities. Over time as your web site increases in popularity your search engine ranking will also increase as well.

In order to have a successful SEO marketing campaign you need great writing skills, great creativity, original content and a highly accessible website. If any of these areas are unfamiliar to you then you should consider hiring an SEO company who will do all the work for you and you can simply sit back and watch how SEO marketing can benefit your business.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Key phrase analysis: assessment and advice on your draft phrases.
  • Optimisation of the site content; e.g. placement of your phrases into your site text.
  • Optimisation of the HTML code; we will ensure the behind the scenes code (e.g. meta tags etc) work with your text to encourage good listings.
  • Link building; we obtain links from relevant sites, as well as blog posting, article submission and bookmark submissions.
  • Submission to all the major world search engines.
  • Reporting on key phrase rankings in the engines / additional optimisation and re-submission when required.

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